Our Board 

The Friends

President, Ruth Collins

Vice President, Stacey Verge
Secretary, Dana Begin
Treasurer, Heidi Chisholm
Assistant Treasurer, Connie Tippens
Membership, Penny Wingate
Board Member, Nicole Jacques-Hughes

Board Member, Andrew Preston

Board Member, Dede McManus

Board Member, Esme Flynn

Board Member, Doris Gallant

Board Member, Ralph Peteranderl

Book Sale, Beth Myers

Trustee Liaison,  Dorthy Goudie
Library Director, Jan Dempsey

With your membership contribution (of time and talent, as well as money) and donations of books for the sale, The Friends are able to provide the extra resources and improvements that make our library the special place that it is! To date, some of our proud accomplishments include:

  • Highly acclaimed author speakers
  • Year-long children and adult programs
  • Museum passes
  • Upgrades to iMacs in library
  • Purchase of only 3D printer and scanner in Merrimack Valley
  • Upgrades to Children's Room including train table and book bags

Come join your friends and neighbors and feel a true sense of pride as we make a difference in our community.